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Asher A Levin   (#143)   
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Woodland Hills, CA
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818 704-4789
818 704-4791
Asher Levin Law, APC
attorney: business, estate planning and probate
21860 Burbank Boulevard

Suite 360

Woodland Hills, CA  

Personal Information
Fran Levin
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How did you hear about JNET?

Trusts.  Wills. Estate Plans.  Probates. Business. Trust Administration. Probate Litigation. Trust Litigation.
If you have been to the Tarzana evening meeting, you know me.  I have run that meeting since we established that chapter.

I have been an attorney for almost 40 years.  I have extensive experience in trusts and wills, estate planning, probate, probate and trust litigation, business and business litigation.  My first priority is solving your problem in the most expeditious and efficient manner possible.
I prepare trust packages (trust, will, power of attorney, advance health care directive, etc.) for my clients.  A trust is a simple solution to an expensive problem.  If you own real property or have over 150,000 in other assets, there is a substantial likelihood that, upon your death, you estate will be probated.  Probate of a $400,000 estate will cost a minimum of $24,000.  I trust will usually avoid probate.
If you, or your loved one, did not have a trust, a probate may be required.  Probates are always expensive and time - consuming:  it takes about a year between the client meeting and distribution of a probate estate.  Some probates are straightforward: there is a will, no creditors are owed money, there is only one or two.  I am happy to take these cases.
Some probates are more difficult:  a probate where someone asserts a bogus claim;  or a sibling has converted property; or there is a will contest;  or decedent's ex-husband tries to escape his obligations under a marital settlement agreement; or where a business had to be sold in the probate; or decedent has willed away more property than she owned at her death; or title to real property had to be cleared in order to sell the property.  I am just as happy to take these cases.    
I am not a "full service law firm".  I do not attempt to handle everything.  However, I almost always know someone who does handle whatever problem you are likely to have.  I am a great resource if you are looking for legal advice.